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"Calm down, spaceman, I’m just teasing you. Besides, I kidnap a Doctor John Watson on a regular basis, I hardly have any room to tell you that you’re in the wrong." She pointed out.

It was hard to hold back her childlike laughter as she got him worked up at her snide little comments. “Alright, alright. Sorry. I’m only human, you know how we are, always skeptical. No need to get so upset about something so small. You’re making it too easy for me to have my fun with all these questions.”

The PA’s eyebrow rose when he went on about what typically happened on his adventures. “Sounds, absolutely lovely. Well, except for the whole danger part. Not really sure that’s something I’m interested in. But touring the universe, well I have no qualms against that at all.”

Spaceman, indeed!” The Doctor harrumphed in response, suddenly feeling very much like the bumbling grandfather he had originally been. He was feeling quite affronted about being called ‘spaceman’.

He raised an eyebrow. “ReallyTha’s yer defence: ‘I’m only human’? Pretty weak excuse, if ya ask me.

"Oh, c’mon! The danger’s one o’ the best parts!" He exclaimed, grinning. "Besides, ‘s not like ‘s that different from the kind of danger you face every day.” The Doctor pointed out. 

storminmywake asked:

The Doctor couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted a young human woman who should have been six feet under and half rotted by now. "/Rose/? Rose Tyler?" He queried, his voice shaking with hope and emotion.



Rose froze hearing his voice behind her. shoot. She turned to face him and gave him a small smile, knowing he’d be both happy to see her, yet cross at the same time

"I know…." She whispered back each time. Glad he wasn’t angry anymore and she finally found comforted in his arms

When the Doctor realized he was crying the Doctor stepped away, clearing his throat and scrubbing his eyes as he did so. “Sorry.” he muttered, a bit embarrassed. 

He took a deep breath and willed his emotions to settle, trying to force himself to regain his composure. 

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