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                                                            Can we be saved
                                                Has the damage all been done
                                             Is it too late to reverse what we’ve
                                                                b e c o m e ?                  

oddxlittlexwatch asked:

The day has been full of confusing things. Firstly, there was the weird whooshing sound. Then there was the blue police box that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, then finally there was the matter of him blacking out and waking up in what seemed to be the interior of the box. Which, of course, made no sense because the space he was in was huge, and police boxes aren't exactly known for their roominess. "Uh..hello?"

“‘bout time ya woke up, Bow-ties - universe needs us! Sort of caught me off guard there, when ya passed out there. Thought we were made of sterner stuff - or is tha’ jus’ you?” Nine commented as he popped his head around the Time Rotor.

guardian-of-a-timelord asked:

"Doctor please," she begged tearfully, "Please don't do this. PLEASE, please be the better person. Never cruel or cowardly, never give up, never give in. Have you really forgotten? If you have, you might as well leave me to be executed too."

"I told you: those. Are. Not. My. Words." He thundered. The Time Lord’s ire, which up until this point had been fairly dormant, had exploded. "I watched Gallifrey burn, knowing that it was burning because of me. Being the better person has brought me nothing but grief and pain, so ‘m done with bein’ the better person. 

"However, you don’t deserve the monarchs’ fate. I’ll give you a choice - either you get out of there and find me, or you can starve ta death in that broom closet. Leave ya to it, then, Guardian." And with that, he spun on his heels and went to unlock the main gates. 

нoω αo γoυ  

                 【  PROTECT 】

                                        тнσѕє уσυ       ԼƠƔЄ  

                               ωհεղ էհε 

       БłGGΞSТ ÐΛЛGΞЯ            тσ тнєм ιѕ  


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