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empirexshadow asked:

"This is gonna hurt..." Xerra quickly solved the stranger's dislocated shoulder problem in one swift move. Her own wound was properly taken care of by the bandage. "Thanks for saving my life", she added a little confused. Everybody wanted her dead as a rule.

"Don’t care - just get it back in its socket." The Time Lord replied through gritted teeth. When she popped the joint back into place, a strangled cry tore from his throat, try though he had to hold it back. The rush of endorphins that followed the pain made him sigh in relief, though. He took several deep breaths, seeking to regain some semblance of composure. When the stranger thanked him, he shrugged out of habit. The movement making him move his injured limb, which triggered more pain. He winced. "Don’t mention it."


Anonymous asked:

æ, α? :3
  • æ - Random fact about the mun? 

Erm…. I used to have really long curly hair. Like, my hair - not straightened - would go down to my butt. Then I shaved it all of for charity and have kept it short ever since. 

  • α - Muse’s thoughts on mun?

Stormy: This will be interesting…

Nine: *rolls eyes* Well, fer starters, she doesn’t have a very good opinion of herself. Sells herself short all the time, she does. Doesn’t give herself enough credit, and far too hard on herself, if you ask me. Wish she could see how fantastic she is.

Stormy: Like you’re one to talk.

Nine: *gives mun an unimpressed look* Excuse you, but this nice anon wishes to know my thoughts on you, and not vice-versa.

Stormy: *shoots a dirty look at him but says nothing* 

Nine: Another thing about the mun: she’s passionate. Get ‘er talkin’ about somethin’ she loves, she gets very animated and she’ll go on forever about it. (Might want ta watch out fer the hands - the Italian in her comes out occasionally). Also, she has a tendency ta come off as a bit of a smart-alec. But she’s got a big heart, an’ tries ta be a decent human being.

She’s really tiny compared ta me. If she were a companion, she would probably be more jeopardy-friendly than Rose (an’ tha’s sayin’ something), ‘cos I’d either lose her in crowds all the time (unless we’re visitin’ Munchkins or something along those lines), or always have ta be slowin’ down fer her. She’d probably have an easier time travelin’ with me if I were in my in one of my earlier incarnations; didn’t quite do all tha’ much runnin’ back then.

Stormy: One of the advantages of being tiny and hanging out with tall people - I find a way ta keep up. 

Nine: *holds hands up in defense: All I said was that you’d probably be more jeopardy-friendly. 

Anyway, all in all,  she’s fantastic! Has her faults, but I can’t complain, cos don’t we all? Know I do. Well, tha’, an’ she doesn’t stick me through half as many embarrassing/painful situations as some other muns do. She listens ta me when I feel something is off, an’ also when I’d rather do/not so somethin, even if it means flipping an entire RP on ‘s head.

guardian-of-a-timelord asked:

Megan flinched when she heard his voice, shivering and shaking as she fought off a wave of coughing. "You- no no not you-" She curled up tighter, meekly holding her sword out to defend herself. "Go away, just go away, please-"

The Doctor regarded the sword pointed at him with contempt, as though it were made of wood rather than sharpened metal. A practice dummy, instead of the real thing.

He shot Megan a look of incredulity. His disbelief did not stem from fear or feeling threatened; rather, it was the fact that he could not believe that the Guardian truly thought he would be intimidated by the brandished weapon when she could barely keep it pointed at him. 

The alien calmly pushed the blade aside. “Now, Megan, is that any way ta greet an old friend?” He tutted in mock disappointment, shaking his head.

Munday questions!

  • ❤ - Your age?

  • @ - Your top 3 favorite celebrity crush?

  • ♞ - Five turn ons (sexual or not)?

  • φ - Five turn offs (sexual or not)?

  • Ç - Tumblr crushes?

  • æ - Random fact about the mun?

  • £ - Random fact about the muse?

  • ¥ - A photo of you?

  • ƒ - Do people ever mistake you for another age?

  • ñ - What is your ultimate OTP, broTP and nOTP?

  • ▒ - Do you need certain things to help you sleep (nightlight, fan, stuffed animal or blanket)?

  • Φ - If you could pick three people on tumblr to meet irl, who would they be?

  • ╕ - Things that annoy you on tumblr?

  • ╣ - Things that annoy you irl?

  • α - Muse's thoughts on mun?

  • ß - Mun's thoughts on mun?

  • Σ - Do people ever mistake you for a celebrity?

  • π - Relationship status?

  • σ - Anyone you have a crush on?

  • Θ - If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

guardian-of-a-timelord asked:

After the revolution where she had almost lost her mind, Megan had just enough sense left to barter for a cheap teleportation device and get away. What she hadn't planned was where she would land: a planet that was virtually winter. And that was how she found herself on the street, huddling in a ball in old, torn clothes, jumping at the slightest sound, her sword clenched tightly in her hand.

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, closed his eyes,then inhaled deeply through his nose. His time senses told him that he was on Qış, late into the fourth crescent  of the planet’s history. A darker figure in the Universe he may have become, his curiosity and wanderlust remained unquenchable. He just didn’t go looking for trouble anymore, and let it find him if it felt bold enough to do so. 

He shut the door and locked it. His senses told him that there was a village not far from where he was. He did up his jacket (even with his superior Time Lord physiology, it was cold) and set forth. 

Fancy his surprise when, upon reaching the village, he saw a face that he had last seen in a castle about to be taken over by revolutionaries, several centuries prior. Huddled on the street, looking like a frightened rabbit, the Doctor could not resist approaching his former companion. There was a story behind how she went from being all but insane on a semi-tropical planet to skittish on a planet that was nothing but rocks and ice and snow. 

"Well, well. We meet again, Guardian. How are you finding being lost in your head?" His greeting was a notch or two shy from being a gloat.

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